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Healing In Your Hands


The type of healing we are talking about here is not the kind we get from going to the GP. We are concerned with the ‘alternative’ kind, the kind that I believe comes from the power of the mind and its ability to make fundamental changes in our physical bodies. This begs the question  - one that has occupied Metaphysicists for hundreds of years - what is The Mind? There are many different schools of philosophy on this one. For example, Idealism states that only thought truly exists and matter is merely an illusion. If this is so then belief in the healing power of the mind is all the more potent.

The Mind-Body problem is seen as one of the most important topics of the Philosophy of Mind, ie what is the relationship of the mind to the body? Dualism is one of the two major schools of thought that attempt to solve the mind-body problem (the other being monism) and can be traced back to the Sankhya school of Hindu philosophy. This idea is that the mind is a separate entity from the body and exists independently from it. This dualistic view of the world however was rejected by the yogic thinkers that followed and this makes it easier to see healing as what I believe it is – a total connection between the body and the mind, to the point where the one can determine the state of the other, both positively and negatively.

“The stress in our consciousness about a particular part of our life is stored as tension on the physical level in a particular part of our body. Thus, the body can be seen as a map of the consciousness.” (Brofman, 2003)


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