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“I’ve never had the pleasure of a yoga retreat before, so I didn’t really know what to expect… Today was greater than all my expectations, even though I didn’t know anyone else… I felt so calm, so centred and strong. Thank you for your gift of giving us all what we need.”

Gemma Tully

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September Full Moon Circle 

Thursday 8th September

Walliswood village hall


Find out more about moon circles here.


Workshops are special events that run throughout the year, outside of the regular timetable. They are a chance to dive a little deeper into a particular theme & usually are seasonal. So, we might come together to celebrate the summer solstice for example. Or it could be that we work on detoxing the body in January, after the excesses of the Christmas holidays. Whatever the particular topic, the workshop will be designed to approach your wellbeing from a holistic perspective. There will be yoga appropriate for the theme; breathwork and meditation; some inner work, encouraging us to ask questions about ourselves & some guided relaxation. Workshops are usually about 2 hours but will depend on the topic. These sessions are very popular as they are an opportunity to learn something that there perhaps isn’t time for in a regular class, to ask questions, and to have a small moment of ‘me time’ even if you have a very busy schedule.


Retreats are pure luxury and an incredible way to dedicate some time totally to Self. Whether they are a half-day, a full day, or even longer, this is a time to truly make transformations in your wellbeing. Being longer than a workshop, they can contain more diverse elements, for example going on a guided nature walk, making a vision board, or doing a tea ceremony. Depending on how long the retreat is, there may also be plenty of free time for you to do exactly as you please – read a book, go for a hike, or laze in the sunshine. 

Going on retreat truly feels like you are leaving the outside world behind, even if just for half a day – to reconnect with yourself, to nurture yourself, and leave feeling like a brand new you! 

Moon Circles

Working with the energy of the moon is one of the many ways we can start to become more attuned to Mother Nature, & I am seeing more people become interested in this kind of energy work. Perhaps it’s the various lockdowns and restrictions on our personal & professional lives, or perhaps people are just becoming more open and interested in the mystical and spiritual side of life…. whatever the reason, it is becoming more and more important to reconnect ourselves to the cycles and seasons of our planet so that we can start to take greater care of her, and ourselves. Working with the lunar and solar calendars is a great place to start. Our moon circles involve a combination of seasonal yoga, guided meditation, ritual – for example, intention setting or releasing that which no longer serves – & relaxation. You will leave feeling uplifted, relaxed, & part of a supportive & ever-growing community. 


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September Full Moon Circle

Walliswood, Surrey

Spend some time in reflection and gratitude with this evening of yoga, ritual and meditation.



September New Moon Nurture

Surrey Hills

Join us in Circle with other like minded souls, to share stories and set new moon intentions.



Wild Woman Wellbeing Autumn Retreat

Holmbury St Mary, Surrey

A yoga and wellbeing retreat designed to completely re-set mind, body and spirit.

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