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Client Feedback for A.M.Y.

"I have had many yoga teachers in the past, but finding Amy was amazing. Her classes are inclusive and welcoming and she makes it fun! Every time I go after thinking I might not, I'm so energised and please to have made the effort."

Sue Cox, Leigh. 2020 


"I love Amy and I love her classes. She has something for everyone! Each class is different and within a really short period of time you realise you are progressing in flexibility, strength and balance. She works muscles you never knew you had, explains everything perfectly and accomodates any level. We sweat, we laugh, we relax."

Ruth Harcus, Reigate. 2019 


"Having practiced yoga for years, I can safely say that Amy is one of the best teachers I've ever had....she brings warmth and humour to her classes...I enjoy the cahllenging routines and postures, which she adapts to all levels. I always feel amazing after her classes - relaxed and centred. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Cat Clementson, Reigate. 2019


"You've totally inspired me from this morning's class and I just can't wait for the next one. I've not practised properly for years and you've made me fall in love with it all over again. You class made me feel so at ease as a new member and I'm so grateful."

Gemma Tully, Horsham. 2018 


"If you're a beginner or looking for a teacher to challenge you, Amy is the one! Her classes are carefully planned so that any level can benefit and develop - I always come away feeling great and it's a real pleasure to be part of her class."

Becky Hopkins, Dorking. 2018 


"I had been experience pain in both my hips and had put it down to gettng older. I thought I would have to just live with it. However I now do weekly 1:1 sessions with Amy and the pain has comeplety gone and never come back!"

Lutsia Ibragimova, Box Hill. 2018. 


"The half day retreat was better than a spa day!"

Beccy Clevett, Capel. 2018. 


"Thank you so much...I have done a yoga day before but yours was much more enjoyable....the setting was beautiful, calm and quiet....I felt incredibly relaxed after....lovely lunch too!

Beth Clancy, Dorking. 2018.


'Thanks so much for all the fab classes this year - you are really good at what you do, and I feel super lucky to have a great teacher - you have helped me loads.'

Aimee Fairhurst, Dorking. 2017.


"Amy is fantastic at building your confidence and encouraging you to try new things and achieve more than you thought you could"

Julie Ashford, Dorking. 2017.


"Amy has a deep understanding of yoga principles. Her classes are well thought-out so we can all benefit from her knowledge, in body and mind."

Penny Hopper, Dorking. 2017.


"Just to let you know I've had some amazing feedback about your yoga classes....The members absolutely love you and said you're the best teacher ever"

Kate Fernie, Manager at The Club, Wotton House. 2017.


"I thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s ‘Introduction To Yoga’ course. The course was very well structured, it was varied and interesting, with each class flowing neatly on from the previous one.

The different components of the course were centred around themes that Amy really brought to life with her gentle instruction and soothing diction. I found the educational quality of Amy’s classes to be of great benefit – it was so refreshing to learn why we do particular poses and how they improve our health and strength. Amy achieved the perfect balance between giving useful details, and not over-loading her students with too much information! She brought the themes to life with her choice of music to accompany each class – this really enhanced the meaning and gave the classes a lovely atmosphere.

I was particularly inspired by Amy’s two chakra classes. This was a whole area of yoga that was new to me, and I was so touched by it that I booked an individual chakra reading with Amy, which was a real eye opener! An amazing experience!

To be a student in Amy’s class is to part of a warm, friendly, occasionally giggly group! As a student in Amy’s care, I feel completely confident in her ability and she really is an inspirational instructor – after class I always have the best night’s sleep and feel so refreshed and re-vitalised! I never want to miss a class and am always eager for the next one to come around!


Susan Mee, Beare Green. 2017. 


"Very informative, intense at times and wonderfully relaxing at times also."

Bob Fyffe, Dorking. 2017.


I’m new to yoga but had a couple of sessions with Amy and she was amazing. She made the class really interesting and challenging. I felt great afterwards. I’m definitely going to book some more.

Sara. 2017. 


"As a beginner to yoga this class has been fantastic. What has worked for me is the way Amy has structured the sessions so that we have clear themes and areas of focus – for example working through the chakras or looking at cardio specific movements. I’d really recommend Amy, especially to beginners."

Louisa Perry, North Holmwood. 2016.


I am deeply appreciative of Amy’s dedication and professionalism, and the seamless way she brings the teachings of yoga to life. Amy is ‘the real deal’ when it comes to yoga teachers, walking the talk, and I love her enthusiasm and natural charm. Somehow she puts me at ease and inspires and challenges me all at the same time!

Hannah Wisby, Devon. 2016.


"I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Amy’s yoga classes since she began her training and I was a complete novice, never having attended a yoga class before. I was pleasantly surprised how relaxed and de-stressed my yoga sessions left me feeling and I have managed to use some of the techniques that I have learnt to benefit me during various situations. Amy also used me as a case study and as expected I was somewhat ‘unbalanced’ before the sessions! Amy focused on exercises, techniques and movements to attempt to improve my condition. This proved successful and the area concerned was much improved after these sessions.I certainly feel that yoga has improved my ability to manage stressful situations and I am thankful to Amy for sharing her knowledge with me."

Julie Andersson, Capel. 2016


"Amy designed a very effective workshop to assist me with muscle treatment after running.  I like to run twice a week, and have tended to neglect all of the stretching that I know should be factored into my workout, so it was great to have some focused sessions to help with this.  Her teaching method really helped me to understand how I should work through the different muscles and what I can take to do on my own, even if I only have a short space of time for stretches after a run.  She also incorporated some more high energy cardio elements in the middle of the workshop, which were enjoyable and showed me a whole other side to yoga which was interesting, in that it wasn't too far off various core-focused workouts I have tried.  Amy is confident and knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable in having her guide me through the workshops."

Duncan, Surrey. 2016.


"I have tried many yoga classes over the years, but I can say without a doubt that I've enjoyed Amy's the most and feel I've benefitted from it in many ways. Not only do I feel healthier in myself, but however tired and stressed I am going into the class I feel a new person coming out! Amy is very clear and encouraging in her instruction, and her passion for what she does is contagious. She creates a very welcoming, positive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to go at their own pace and level, but also give us the confidence to push ourselves and try new things. She keeps every class fresh and interesting and clearly explains the thinking behind the movements so that you are aware of what you are doing and why at all times, but doesn't overload you with information. I am now a total convert and hope to continue to learn from Amy for many years to come."

Zoe Baty, Capel. 2016. 





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